Improved efficiency = increased productivity

  • Multifunctional

    Complete different tasks at the same workstation.

  • Save time

    Recover wasted journey time on trips between locations.

  • Efficient

    Stay focused and reduce errors with minimal distraction.

  • Battery life

    Enough on-board battery power for an 8-hour shift.


Everything you need on-board

Our carts are independently powered, configurable to different tasks, and designed by people who understand how to improve your work processes.

The simple step of giving mobile workstations to your team can improve your bottom line.

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Stay productive

Staff can complete multiple tasks at the same workstation.

Work on the move

The workstation allows you to move usually static equipment.

Key benefits of Mobile Workstations

Our workstations are packed with innovative solutions so your team stays focused, organised, and productive.

Sturdy and robust


Engineered from high-quality materials

Our carts are more than up to the task of meeting the demands of any environment.

Plenty of storage


Integrated shelves, PC trays and printer drawers

These features provide a place for everything, so workers are fully equipped and organised.

Independent power


Battery systems keep teams fully powered

Fixed or swappable, lead or lithium, two on board for double shifts.

Safe and seen


Designed to maximise visibility

The bright colours of our rugged range and white light strips on our HDF carts improve visibility and help to avoid accidents.

Easy to manoeuvre


Made of heavy duty steel, ABS and rubber castors

Users can easily manoeuvre their cart and brake safely for carrying out on the spot tasks.



Suitable for everyday IT equipment

Our carts are compatible for use with laptops, desktops, monitors, barcode scanners and desktop label printers.

Our mobile cart range

HDF & Rugged Carts

From our customisable, steel frame rugged range (MPS) to our ready to go HDF workstations (MWS), our mobile carts are easy to set up, quick to deploy and equipped with on-board power to provide the freedom to work where needed.

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