Introducing Podloc

  • Lock

    Keep devices locked away securely and accessed by authorised users only.

  • Charge

    Enjoy fully charged devices straight out of the locker, ready to use when you need them.

  • Manage

    Get real-time visibility of the status, user, and charge of each device, 24/7, whilst organising your assets neatly in one place.


Say goodbye to device loss and hello to streamlined operations.

Podloc prevents device loss and frees up valuable space by charging devices right where they’re used. You can keep your devices secure, charged, and always ready for action, improving efficiency.

Moreover, using Podloc helps you get the best return on your investment because it reduces device shrinkage and loss, potentially paying for itself in as little as three months!

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Drop and go

Keep devices charged up and ready to use, whilst stored in a convenient location.

Maximum security

Protected by a secure passcode, devices can be locked away to reduce theft and loss.


Podloc – Powered by Vlocr

Podloc is designed to run on Vlocr asset management software, enabling you to not only charge and secure your rugged mobile devices, but trace and manage them too.

Vlocr is the ultimate solution for reclaiming control over your mobile computing ecosystem, offering 24/7 visibility of the location and status of all your devices.

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Stronger together

Lock. Charge. Manage. Discover how our Vlocr software powers the security and efficiency of the Podloc system.

Key benefits of the Podloc system

Reduced damage


Podloc gives staff more responsibility for the mobile computers they use, and this is proven to significantly reduce physical damage to these devices.

When employees are made accountable for the care and safekeeping of the equipment they use, this fosters a culture of respect for company property, resulting in fewer instances of mishandling, dropping, or neglecting devices. This helps to minimise physical damage, extend the lifespan of your equipment, and reduce repair or replacement costs.

Protection from theft


Locking your mobile computers in Podloc not only ensures their physical safety but also helps mitigate poor asset accountability and the risk of theft.

By providing a designated, secure storage solution, Podloc helps promote a culture of responsibility among employees, reducing the likelihood of devices being misplaced, lost, or stolen. It acts as a deterrent to potential theft, helping to safeguard valuable equipment, minimise disruptions to operations and contribute to a more secure and efficient workplace environment.

Always ready to go


Using Podloc to charge and secure devices between shifts is crucial for ensuring they remain ready and available for staff use, maximising uptime.

Housing mobile computers securely preserves their functionality and extends their lifespan. This proactive approach to device management ensures that they are always in perfect condition and readily accessible to staff, promoting seamless workflow and productivity. Your team can rely on consistently high uptime, empowered to deliver optimal performance.

Easy to integrate. Quick to see results.

The Podloc system is simple to deploy into an environment of any size and delivers an almost instant impact on daily productivity.


Safe and Secure

Locking your mobile computers away securely during charging and between shifts is essential for maintaining their safety and availability for work. By housing them in a Podloc, you can protect them from potential damage, loss, or theft.

Additionally, securely locking away the devices promotes a culture of responsibility among employees, encouraging them to properly account for and safeguard company assets. This ensures that they remain in optimal condition and ready for use whenever your staff needs them.

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Efficient, Quick and Easy

A simple drop and go system, Podloc offers unparalleled convenience for staff. Retrieving mobile computers for work takes just seconds, thanks to Podloc’s user-friendly design. Employees can simply drop their devices into a Podloc, and the secure locking mechanism takes care of the rest.

This seamless process eliminates the hassle of complicated set-ups and reduces delays, allowing staff to focus on their tasks and maintain a reliable, efficient workflow. Podloc minimises downtime and maximises productivity, making it the ideal solution for busy work environments where every second counts.

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Compact and Modular Design

Podloc offers unparalleled ease and speed of installation, regardless of whether it’s one Podloc or hundreds linked together. Unlike bulky cabinet or locker systems, its compact and modular design allows for swift installation and effortless scalability, seamlessly accommodating changing needs and growing demands.

Podloc’s flexibility also shines through in its ability to split up charging areas, catering to the unique logistics of any workplace. From a small office to a large warehouse, Podloc can be strategically placed in various locations to optimise accessibility and convenience for staff.

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Future Proof

A significant advantage of Podloc is that you only need to install it once. Different to traditional storage and charging infrastructure, Podloc’s adaptable design allows for seamless upgrades when you change your mobile computers in the future. Instead of investing in an entirely system, you can simply upgrade your existing Podloc installation to accommodate the new devices.

This upgrade process is cost-effective and hassle-free, saving time and resources that would otherwise be spent on reinstalling or replacing outdated equipment. With Podloc, you can future-proof your charging infrastructure.

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See Podloc in action

Watch our quick demonstration of how Podloc works and find out how flexible this mobile device management solution really is.