Introducing Tabloc

  • Lock

    Keep devices locked away securely and accessed by authorised users only.

  • Charge

    Enjoy fully charged devices straight out of the locker, ready to use when you need them.

  • Manage

    Get real-time visibility of the status, user, and charge of each device, 24/7, whilst organising your assets neatly in one place.


Are your tablet devices always going missing?

Protect devices against theft, loss, and damage with Tabloc, the unique all-in-one tablet management solution. It’s designed to reduce asset shrinkage in the workplace, saving you time and money.

The compact unit allows you to charge devices as they are stored, so they’re always ready to go. This frees up valuable space and powers productivity, as staff no longer need to wait for a device to become available.

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The unit is designed to neatly store and charge tablet devices.


It’s quick and easy for staff to pick up and put away devices.


Tabloc – Powered by Vlocr

Tabloc and our full range of hardware solutions, including Podloc and Mobilocr, works perfectly with Vlocr asset management software. This innovative application allows the easy tracking and management of all your devices.

Reclaim control over your mobile computing ecosystem and gain 24/7 visibility of the location and status of all your devices with Vlocr software.

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Key benefits of the Tabloc solution

Secure and reliable


Ensuring the safety and availability of your tablet computers is paramount for maintaining smooth operations.

Tabloc provides a secure housing for your tablets during charging and between shifts, protecting them from damage, loss, or theft. By instilling a culture of responsibility among employees, Tabloc encourages proper asset management, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. With Tabloc, you can trust that your tablets are always in optimal condition and readily accessible to your staff when needed.

Efficiency redefined


Experience unparalleled convenience with Tabloc's simple drop-and-go charging and securing system.

Retrieving tablets for work takes a matter of seconds with Tabloc’s user-friendly design. Employees can effortlessly drop their tablets into the unit and the secure locking mechanism takes care of the rest, ensuring they are charged and safeguarded until required. Say goodbye to complex setups and hello to enhanced productivity with Tabloc, the ideal solution for fast-paced work environments where every second counts.

Sleek and versatile design


Tabloc boasts a compact and modular design, offering swift installation with minimal disruption to your workplace.

Whether you need one unit or a network of them, Tabloc’s modular nature ensures seamless scalability to meet your evolving needs. Its flexibility allows for strategic placement in various locations, optimising accessibility and convenience for your staff. With Tabloc, installation is a breeze, and its sleek design complements any workspace, providing a secure and efficient charging solution for tablet computers.

Future-proof technology


Investing in Tabloc means investing in the future of your tablet charging infrastructure.

The adaptable design allows for seamless upgrades as technology evolves, eliminating the need for costly replacements. With Tabloc, you can future-proof your charging infrastructure, saving time and resources in the long run.

Enhanced device protection


Extend device lifespan and minimise repair costs.

By promoting accountability among staff, Tabloc significantly reduces physical damage to tablets, extending their lifespan and minimising repair costs. Moreover, our secure storage solution helps mitigate the risk of theft, safeguarding your valuable assets and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Optimised asset management


With Tabloc’s advanced software, Vlocr, tracking and managing your tablet devices has never been easier.

The GPS mapping and Bluetooth reporting functionalities allow you to monitor device whereabouts in real time, ensuring quick retrieval if devices are misplaced or left behind. Vlocr asset management software also empowers you to locate and secure missing tablets, keeping your devices ready for work and available whenever needed.

Why Tabloc

Ready to transform your workflow?

Secure your tablets with Tabloc to experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability in your workplace. Say hello to seamless operations and goodbye to device loss with this innovative tablet management solution.

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