Introducing Vlocr Software

  • Trace

    Find devices quickly with BLE Locationing and GPS reporting, alongside user data. Store devices all in one place with our hardware.

  • Secure

    Vlocr’s alarm deterrent and device tracking features help protect devices from theft. Use with our hardware for extra security.

  • Manage

    Get real-time, 24/7 visibility of your devices with the Vlocr client portal. Keep them fully charged too when you use our hardware.


The Vlocr Difference.

Let us introduce you to the Vlocr application, the ultimate solution for reclaiming control over your mobile computing ecosystem. Whether employed as standalone software on your rugged devices or seamlessly integrated with our innovative Podloc hardware solution, Vlocr helps you keep your terminals ready for action.

Say goodbye to uncertainties surrounding misplaced equipment. With Vlocr, you’ll never wonder who misplaced the kit or where it’s located.

Bid farewell to disruptions in crucial workflows caused by missing equipment. Vlocr ensures that your mobile computers are always accounted for, minimising downtime and optimising productivity.

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Vlocr is suitable for Android rugged devices, including PDAs, handhelds, trigger grips, and wearables.


The beauty of Vlocr is that it can be used as standalone software or in conjunction with our hardware suite: Podloc & Mobilocr.


Alarm deterrents protect devices from theft and our track and trace feature helps you locate any of your missing devices.


Key benefits of Vlocr Software

Automatic tracing & auditing


If you’re always asking, “Where have the mobile computers gone? Who’s got them?”, Vlocr can help.

It’s not always easy to find missing devices, especially if you are working in a large facility, but the Vlocr dashboard allows you to trace and audit them at a glance. Discover the remarkable effectiveness of Vlocr in ensuring your team’s mobile devices are always primed for action and back on their chargers.

Easy to use


With helpful reminder functions, it is easy to use Vlocr and hard to ignore warnings or make mistakes.

Using Vlocr software is as simple as picking up your mobile device, entering a code, scanning a barcode, or using face ID to release the unit for the shift, making you the assigned user of the device. At the end of the shift, put it back on charge, and you will automatically be logged off the system; it could not be easier!

Quick to locate devices


Vlocr makes it easy to monitor the whereabouts of your mobile computers.

The live GPS mapping and Bluetooth beaconing reporting functionalities offered by Vlocr are invaluable tools. They enable you to accurately track the location of devices in real time, providing peace of mind and enabling quick retrieval if devices are misplaced or left behind.

Usage pattern identification


Keep track of how many mobile computers you have and work out how many you need for your next shift with the help of Vlocr.

Once you have your mobile computers back where you need them, you can quickly examine your device usage patterns with Vlocr and highlight the usage pinch points or, more frequently, identify the spares you now have available!

Vlocr spells the end for mobile device loss across a wide variety of industries.

From Retail to Utilities, Logistics, and Oil & Gas, Vlocr frees up your entire workflow from resource-draining disruptions, saving you time and money.



A strong supply of mobile computers is crucial in manufacturing. These devices facilitate real-time communication, data collection, and monitoring, enabling fast decision-making and work on the factory floor.

Vlocr can help manufacturing companies reduce downtime, minimise errors, and enhance agility by ensuring workers always have access to mobile computers, allowing them to view critical information and complete tasks while on the move.

It also helps companies to optimise productivity and stay competitive in today’s dynamic manufacturing landscape.

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Vlocr can help facilitate effective tracking of individual product levels, maintenance scheduling and efficient inventory management.

In the retail environment, the shortage of mobile computers due to missing or misplaced devices can lead to inventory management challenges, slower customer service, and increased checkout times. Without enough devices, staff struggle to track inventory accurately, assist customers efficiently, and process transactions promptly. This can result in lost sales opportunities and decreased customer satisfaction.

Vlocr acts as an effective device management system for seamless retail operations.

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The aviation industry relies heavily on mobile computers being ready and available for ensuring smooth and safe operations.

The scarcity of these devices due to loss or misplacement can present challenges to operational efficiency, data collection and reporting, and safety and emergency preparedness.

With Vlocr, aviation companies can mitigate these challenges, enhance operational efficiency, improve safety preparedness, and effectively manage costs, ensuring seamless operations.

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In the healthcare sector, access to mobile computers is fundamental for efficient patient care and operational effectiveness.

Device shortages in healthcare can lead to challenges to patient care efficiency, safety and emergency response, and cost-effective operations.

By ensuring device availability, facilitating data management and compliance, enhancing patient safety and emergency response, and supporting cost-effective operations, Vlocr helps healthcare organisations deliver high-quality care and maintain operational excellence in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

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In a logistics environment, the absence of enough mobile computers due to missing or misplaced devices can cause significant disruptions. Operations may suffer from delays, communication breakdowns, and decreased productivity.

Without adequate devices, workers struggle to access information, update inventory records, and coordinate shipments efficiently, leading to potential errors, customer dissatisfaction, and logistical challenges.

Vlocr offers a robust inventory management system, ensuring that sufficient devices are always available for smooth operations.

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Vlocr can help improve workflows for technicians by reducing rugged device downtime for things like gas, water, and electricity meters.

In a utility or services environment, the shortage of available mobile computers due to missing or misplaced devices can lead to delays in responding to service requests, conducting maintenance tasks, and managing operations efficiently. This can result in increased downtime, decreased productivity, and potentially dissatisfied customers.

Having an effective inventory management and tracking system like Vlocr is crucial to ensure that all necessary devices are readily accessible for seamless operations.

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Facilitate tracking of individual vehicle components, maintenance scheduling and efficiently managing spare parts with the help of Vlocr.

In automotive manufacturing or delivery, the shortage of mobile computers due to missing or misplaced devices can cause delays, disrupt supply chain operations, and impact customer satisfaction. Without enough devices, there are inefficiencies in inventory management, production monitoring, and delivery coordination.

This underscores the positive impact that Vlocr can have on inventory management, ensuring seamless operations and timely deliveries in this industry.

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Oil & Gas

Using Vlocr can help improve tracking of critical equipment like pumps and pipelines, ensuring effective maintenance and minimising workflow downtime.

In the oil and gas industry, the scarcity of available mobile computers due to missing or misplaced devices can lead to operational delays, safety risks, and increased costs. Field workers rely on these devices for critical tasks such as equipment monitoring and safety checks. Without enough devices, there are delays in data collection and reporting, hindering decision-making and potentially compromising worker safety.

Vlocr ensures effective inventory management, which is crucial to make sure all necessary devices are accessible and streamline operations in this high-stakes industry.

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See Vlocr in action

Watch our quick demonstration of how Vlocr Software works to manage rugged mobile devices seamlessly.

Why Vlocr

Tired of spending money on missing mobile computers?

Vlocr helps you keep your existing resources in play for much longer, allowing you to allocate your budgets elsewhere.

Experience seamless control, enhanced workflow efficiency, and cost savings like never before with Vlocr.

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Software meets hardware

Discover how our Vlocr software can enhance your rugged mobile devices.


Comprehensive compatibility

Designed to work with pistol grips, handheld scanners, PDAs, wearable devices, and tablets, Vlocr software is compatible with almost any Android rugged mobile device!

Vlocr offers compatibility with major rugged mobile device brands like Zebra, Honeywell, and Samsung, so it can be integrated into your workplace with ease.

If you have any doubts as to whether Vlocr will work with your device suite, please ask us.

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Powered by Vlocr

Watch our quick demonstration of how Vlocr Software enhances our rugged device management hardware.


Our Hardware Suite

We have developed a range of rugged device management hardware, designed to work perfectly with Vlocr software.

Podloc and Mobilocr are our leading hardware storage solutions for charging, securing, and managing your rugged mobile devices. Tabloc is our complementary solution for tablet computers.

All solutions are designed to help protect your devices and streamline operations in your workplace.

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