Product Overview


Mobile Work Station - the MWS1000 in burnt orange with middle shelf fitted

Mobile Work Station - the MWS1000 in burnt orange with middle shelf fitted

The MWS1000 and MPS2000 are designed from the ground up to hold and power an extensive range of electronic and IT equipment along with ample storage options. Built tough to thrive in rugged, challenging environments the mobile cart range from Falcona ensures that everything is available exactly where your team needs it.

Storage and equipment space is kept at premium as the battery and electronics are fitted deliberately low, this design also provides incredible stability and the lockable, rubber wheels keep it stationary and safe.

Both the MWS and MPS carts are available with a range of useful accessories including optional, adjustable middle shelves and a customisable top shelf ensures that every combination of hardware can be supported. The MWS has a magnetic latch door hides an inbuilt charging cable meaning that you are never left hunting for a cable to recharge your workstation again. And both carts have use our class leading battery pack which can be swapped over on long shifts ensuring that your equipment is available 24 x 7 days a week. 

Optimising your workforce movements, minimising any "wait" time and having the equipment and information right where it’s needed will ensure that you’re maximising the productivity and accuracy of your business processes.

The MWS1000 (Mobile Workstation Station) finds itself at home helping you with:

Computers on Wheels - Our Mobile Picking Station MPS2000 in steel blue

Computers on Wheels - Our Mobile Picking Station MPS2000 in steel blue

  • Goods In/Out Operations
  • Inventory Management
  • Label Printing
  • Cross Docking
  • Price Verification and Relabelling
  • Warehouse Management
  • Store Front and Back End Operation

And the MPS2000 (Mobile Picking Station) excels at all of the above and also:

  • Order Picking
  • Order Replenishment
  • CPPP (Consolidated Pick, Pack and Print) Processes
  • Bulk and Large Goods Handling

Unique features

The MWS 1000

The MWS 1000


A small footprint means your equipment can go anywhere it’s needed.

Side accessible battery

Side accessible battery


1000W continuous pure sine wave inverter ensures uninterrupted power to computers, printers, scanners and more.

Onboard charging lead

Onboard charging lead


Shielded cable and magnetic latched stowaway compartment means the MWS and MPS carts are always ready to charge.

24V battery packs

24V battery packs


The main battery is easily swappable so you can replace a flat battery to ensure true 24 hours a day operation.

Rugged, good looking wheels

Rugged, good looking wheels


Tough and grippy rubber wheels easily lock the MWS and MPS carts safely into place.

Middle shelf on the MWS1000

Middle shelf on the MWS1000


The middle shelf height can be adjusted or completely removed offering excellent flexibility for equipment configurations.

Technical Specifications

Standard Features

•  Integrated Power – 230V or 110V multi socket provision.  Rechargeable batteries provide the remote power and the ability to run several devices at once for 8 - 12 hours of normal use.

•  Swap-able battery for multi shift operation. The optional MC400 remote charging stations keeps your carts spare battery's ready to deploy.

•  Operation - Low rolling resistance achieved with with robust wheels (fixed & swivel), it can be moved and positioned with minimal effort throughout any facility.

•  Modular – build on your carts features as you need them, additional shelves, monitor poles printer mounts and even bar code scanner mounts are easily added .

•  Built-in battery charger

•  Digital display as user interface with low battery warning and charging status indication.

MWS and MPS Cart Specification

•  Construction
Mild steel with optional stainless or
5" low Durometer swivel and fixed wheels
Physical Characteristics

•  Physical Characteristics
MWS1000   MPS2000
Length:  80.77 cm    104.4 cm
Height:  135.6 cm     135.6 cm
Width:  57.4 cm     57.4 cm
Weight:  35 kg     55 kg
with battery

•  Operating Characteristics
Operating temperature:  -10º C to 50º C
Storage environment:   -20º C to 60º C
Operating humidity: 10–90% non-condensing

Max carry weight 100Kg

MWS and MPS Optional Features

•  Universal Keyboard Mount

  •PC Undersling (with or without sliders)

•  Monitor Pole  .

•  Middle Shelf

•  Label Printer Mounting Kit

•  Bar Code Scanner Mounting Kit

•  "Tray" Top - ideal for small item picking/re-labelling

Power accessories

•  MC4000 Remote Charging Station

•  Swappable Battery Pack (32Ah)

•  5 Meter Power Cord